National Robotics Challenge
  • is proud to sponsor the National Robotics Challenge.

    The event takes place 14-16 April 2011, in Marion, Ohio. It a great competition that focuses on education and differs from other robotic competitions in a number of ways. Low costs, no specific kit, and the inclusion of competitors from 6th grade thru graduate school make it truly unique.

    “National Robotics Challenge began as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Robotic Technology and Engineering Challenge in1986, under the guidance and inspiration of Tom Meravi, Associate Professor from Northern Michigan University and the late Dr. James Hannemann. The competitions developed into one of the premier robotics and engineering events in the nation. Tragically, Dr. Hannemann passed away suddenly in July 2001, and in 2003, SME announced that the organization was unable to continue sponsorship of the event.

    Most thought that this was the end, but as with all things, every end can be a new beginning. This new beginning was realized by three educators from Marion, Ohio. On the bus ride from Rochester to Marion, Ed Goodwin, Ritch Ramey, and Tad Douce discussed the possibilities and support that existed in their community for this type of event. In 2004 the name was changed from SME/RTEC to the National Robotics Challenge. From its humble beginning, with two work cells and two pick and place competitions, the competition now offers twelve robotics contests.”

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